Getting Into Literacy

Getting Into Literacy

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Games Based Learning

16 Nintendo DSis were introduced to South Rise Primary School at Easter 2010 - borrowed from the very kind CLC at Abbey Wood. We trialled a project using them initially in maths lessons - aiming at the lower ability groups in particular. Using the Brain Training game we recorded childrens' mental maths test times over 8 weeks in the run-up to their SATs tests in Year 6 and Year 2. Read the full report HERE.

Excellent results were shown with some children DOUBLING their previous mental maths score and their calculation battle times (which started at over 7minutes) got all the way down to UNDER 2 MINUTES!

We couldn't ignore such fantastic results so when we had to give those 16 back to the CLC we invested in 16 of our very own to use in lessons.


Nursery and Reception used the DSis to consolidate learning in maths by practicing drawing 2D shapes on them.

Year 1 used them in problem solving using maths word problems.

Year 2 used them in their Unit of Inquiry and maths lessons.

Year 3 used the Professor Layton games to support Guided Reading Sessions and the Word Coach to practice spellings.

Year 4 used them for maths and Literacy lessons as well as taking LOADS of photos with the two cameras for their Unit of Inquiry.

Year 5 used them as one of their many ICT tools in their Trade Inquiry - including budgeting for a whole community and enhancing their literacy skills.

Year 6 used them as part of their Writing lessons to enhance the use of high level vocabulary.



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All year groups and teachers have used them as cameras and sound recorders and used the material made on the DSis to create pages on the Managed Learning Environment, Fronter.

This is just a small snapshot of how well the DSis have supported and enhanced learning at South Rise. They give the lower ability children the confidence to join in and the Gifted and Talented children use the flexibility to enhance their learning.


We then surveyed the children and they all said they loved using the DSis and their next request was for a Nintendo Wii - so we bought one!

We use the Wii to support PE lessons with the Dance software titles and we use Wii Sports resort. We are also borrowing and practising with loads of titles as a literacy prompt - exploring under the sea, space, mountains and more!


Why go to the top of a cold mountain when you can live there virtually and stay warm instead!?!